Main Research
  • Core techniques for multi-physics inspection, multi-level evaluation & multi-disaster risk reduction
  • Multi-scale disaster prevention management system using core techniques
  • Commercialization and technology transfer via patent and S/W registration
Multi-physics Inspection
  • Complex concrete deterioration detection
  • Repassivation of concrete rebar and
    crack filling method
Inspection and maintenance system for
ocean infrastructures
Multi-level Evaluation
  • Material-structural integrated safety
    assessment and damage index
  • Risk index visualization for soft ground liquefaction
Risk assessment system
Multi-disaster Risk reduction
  • Enhanced disaster monitoring
    and reduction technology
  • Optimal treatment for radioactive waste
Disaster potential analysis and
maintenance management
Multi-scale Integrated management system
  • Hazard map using data analysis
  • Disaster-damaged infrastructure recovery
Disaster prevention and integrated management