Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to University Core Research Center for Disaster-free and Safe Ocean City Construction (D-SOC) at Dong-A University.

Ocean cities in Korea have been threatened by dangerous and unacceptable levels of risk from multi-disaster components, including natural ocean disasters (typhoon, earthquakes, tsunami, etc.), coastal deterioration factors (chloride and sulfate ions), and reclamation grounds. Particularly, Busan city has the most concentrated high-rise buildings and long-span bridges. In addition, the world’s third largest port of transhipment, approximately 50% of the nuclear power plants in Korea, and large scale reclamation grounds are located in Busan.

However, there has been no standardized disaster prevention system for maintaining the integrity of the critical structures. This is mainly due to the absence of comprehensive and basic researches on the analyses of multi-disaster hazards and the interaction of soil structure and multi-disasters in Korea.

D-SOC was selected as a national core research center from the University Core Research Center (UCRC) Program supported by the Korean Ministry of Education (May 2016 ~ December 2024). The primary goal of our center is to develop innovative technologies in preventing and mitigating the risk from multi-ocean disasters, and combining these technologies into an integrated disaster management system. Finally, this would lead to disaster-free and safe ocean cities through close collaboration with industries and the government.

                      Director    Jurng-Jae Yee